Classic Creations Taxidermy is located outside of Stillwater, Oklahoma, with customers from all over the U.S. -- not just from Payne County, OK and the surrounding area. If you are looking for detailed, quality work -- bring your trophy to our taxidermist at Classic Creations Taxidermy -- where taxidermy is an art. Our Wildlife Artist / Taxidermist looks forward to your call. (405) 372-2559    Stillwater, OK

About Classic Creations Taxidermy:

Meet our Taxidermist / Wildlife Artist Gary Gussert

Gary has been in the taxidermy profession for 20 years after graduating from the internationally renowned Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training. Gary continues his education by studying animals and the latest taxidermy techniques to give his customers the best quality life-like animal possible. Gary says: "You bring me your trophy; I will return to you a piece of art." So bring him your deer, longhorn, elk, or whatever your trophy is, and you will be happy you did.

(405) 372-2559                                                                                   Stillwater, OK